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Where can I find more information about portion control?

Detailed information about portion control is available at:;_ylt=AmBk6jvsWiYCEyphubzeLwOmxbAB

Is Slimware microwave safe?
The ceramic designs are microwave safe. The melamine designs are NOT microwave safe.

Is Slimware dishwasher safe?
Yes, Slimware is dishwasher safe. Depending on the make and model of your dishwasher, it is recommended that you use either the top rack (if configured to fit larger items) or on the bottom rack using a low heat setting (any high-temp scrub cycle should be avoided). However, the life of this (or any) product will be prolonged if you opt for hand washing instead.

Where is the product made?
Slimware is designed in Hollywood, CA and manufactured in China (Hong Kong).

What is your return policy?
All sales are final. Returns will only be accepted for defective merchandise and/or items damaged in transit. In order to receive a refund, please contact Customer Service for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Returns will not be accepted/processed without an RMA identification. No returns accepted for any reason after 14 days from date of delivery. Refunds do NOT apply to any shipping costs associated with your order. Return shipping is the customer's responsibility and will not be reimbursed.

Why melamine?
There are actually several reasons why melamine makes sense. It's shatterproof (safer for kids) and easier to transport (to the office or picnics). Using melamine also makes the product more affordable (and less expensive to ship). There is absolutely no safety risk once the melamine has been set . . . only in its liquid state. Slimware has completed and passed all required FDA food contact lab testing. If you would like a copy of our pass certificate e-mailed to you, simply send us a request at The controversy in China regarding melamine involved the fact that it was being ground up into pet food. Frankly, if ceramic or stainless steel plates were ground up into pet food there would be similar adverse effects. The truth is that no matter what the raw material, there is some sort of negative aspect to it and someone on the internet who has something to say about its health, labor or environmental impact. After weighing the pros, we opted to use melamine for the product launch because it was the best overall choice for the product launch.

If I own a retail outlet, is Slimware available for wholesale purchasing?
We are currently accepting a limited number of requests for wholesale orders from retail outlets interested in carrying the Slimware product line. Please e-mail us at to request a wholesale application.

Why does the protein portion seem so small?
In doing the research on recommended portions, I was surprised myself at how oversized my own protein allotments were. There are a few things you should keep in mind:

(1) All of the Slimware visual estimates are simply guidelines. You may be on a specific nutritional program that requires that you use the designated areas differently. So modify according to what works for you.

(2) The commonly recommended portion for red meat is just 1.5 ounces. That's approximately the size of 1 to 2 matchbooks! If you're eating chicken, it's 3 ounces which is approximately the size of a deck of cards. A thin piece of fish could be as large as a checkbook. Obviously there are numerous possibilities in terms of the graphic representation on a plate based on the type of protein and thickness of the cut of meat. Slimware's design accounts for a Healthy Protein Extender Area.If you are eating red meat or a fatty entree, stick to the primary protein designation. If you are enjoying chicken, fish or other healthy entree, feel free to extend your portion into the supplemental area. Just know that the leaner the meat you're consuming, the more of it you can put on your plate! No matter what the content, start out small; you can always have seconds if you're still hungry after eating all of your Slimware portions.

(3) Once again, the real principle here isn't whether your protein serving (or any food group) matches the Slimware estimate EXACTLY . . . simply that you are being mindful of it in the first place!