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Our Price: $24.95

(yellow with sunflower images) - 10 1/2" square


• Each Slimware box contains 4 melamine plates.

• Slimware is a unique line of casual dinnerware with an emphasis on portion consciousness fused with elegant yet convenient dining. Why waste time with the tedious task of counting calories when you can just use your eyes to limit your portions. If you eat less, you'll weigh less.

• Slimware will change the way you LOOK at dieting! Each plate provides graphically-designed areas for food placement.

Celeb Fans

Tori Spelling, Elisabeth Röhm, Faith Hill, Greg Grunberg, Neil Patrick Harris

HSN Customer Reviews

LOVE IT!! / S. Jane, IA 3/30/2009
I love these plates. I purchased a couple of different sets and think this is genious...why didnt I think of this? The sunburst is my fave - I feel like i am dining out and i now realize how big my portions were! I use these ALL of the time!

Make a healthy lifestyle more attractive / Chelsea, TN 3/27/2009
My roommate and I are trying to shape up for summer. We both eat together on Slimware. It makes portion control easier and they're so pretty that I enjoy setting the table.

Great idea! / Virginia, CA 3/25/2009
I have used these dishes every day since I received them and my pants are already a little looser! I love the color and the idea behind them is brilliant! A great product!

Great Product! / Elisabeth, CA 3/17/2009
I love the bright color -- it makes eating with friends seem even more festive!